Galapagos Species Checklist

Myctophum nitidulum

Garman, 1899

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Division Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Myctophiformes
Family Myctophidae
Genus Myctophum

Myctophum nitidulum  Garman, 1899


English common name: Pearly lanternfish

Spanish common name: linternilla, pez linterna

Taxonomic comments: J. McCosker: not included in McCosker (2010) this because of its distance offshore; species of the genus Myctophum are midwater species.

Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Last updated: 11 Jan 2013


Bioregions: South-eastern.

Galapagos island groups: Isabela, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz.

Please be aware that this distribution map is automatically generated from database records (CDF and external specimens, literature records, and observations) and may not accurately reflect the currently-known distribution for all species.


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