Galapagos Species Checklist

Doryopteris pedata

(L.) Fée

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Division Pteridophyta
Class Pteridopsida
Order Pteridales
Family Adiantaceae
Genus Doryopteris

Doryopteris pedata  (L.) Fée


English common name: hand fern

Taxonomic comments: Syn.: Litobrochia pedata (L.) Pres., Pteris pedata L. fide Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & Missouri Botanical Garden (2010). Doryopteris pedata var. multipartita (Fée) R.M. Tryon. and Pteris pedata L. fide Tropicos.

Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Last updated: 16 Oct 2017


Galapagos island groups: Isabela.

Please be aware that this distribution map is automatically generated from database records (CDF and external specimens, literature records, and observations) and may not accurately reflect the currently-known distribution for all species.


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