Galapagos Species Checklist

Udea galapagensis

(B. Landry, 2016)

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Division Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Lepidoptera
Superfamily Pyraloidea
Family Pyralidae
Subfamily Spilomelinae
Genus Udea

Udea galapagensis  (B. Landry, 2016)


Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Description: Description: Male (n=22) (Fig. 69). Head: frons flat
with vestiture short scaled, appressed, greyish brown,
with appressed white scales along eye margin at base
of antenna and ocellus, scales behind eye short, dark to
pale greyish brown and white, longest scales laterally
on occiput mostly yellowish brown and projecting
dorsomedially, narrow scales projecting anteriorly
between antennae greyish brown; antenna slightly
serrate, with ciliation about 2/5 as long as width of
flagellomeres, vestiture greyish brown, darker on scape
and basal flagellomeres; maxillary palpus conspicuous,
projecting anteriorly beyond eye margin to distance
equal to about half diameter of eye, vestiture white
medially, greyish brown laterally; labial palpus porrect,
long, projecting beyond frons to distance equal to
1.3 diameter of eye, basal palpomere mostly dirty
white with scales slightly projecting ventrally, second
palpomere ventrally with narrow projecting scales
apically, dorsally with slightly wider projecting scales
forming triangle reaching frontoclypeal margin, with
scales brown to greyish brown toward apex, with base
of scales paler, third palpomere thin scaled, greyish
brown; haustellum white at base, greyish brown
beyond, increasingly darker. Thorax dorsally at base
dark greyish brown with purple tinge, posteriorly paler,
tan, with scales often darker tipped, those of apex of
tegulae elongate and almost reaching apex of thorax.
Foreleg coxa pale greyish brown with blackish brown

Last updated: 09 Jan 2018


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    Taxon occurs only in Galapagos.

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  • EnQ
    Questionable Endemic
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Distribution: Presumed endemic to the Galápagos, this
species has been found on the islands of Fernandina,
Isabela, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, and Santiago.