Galapagos Species Checklist

Udea sideralis

(B. Landry, 2016)

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Division Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Lepidoptera
Superfamily Pyraloidea
Family Pyralidae
Subfamily Spilomelinae
Genus Udea

Udea sideralis  (B. Landry, 2016)


Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Description: Description: Male (n=4) (Fig. 71). Head: frons
flat with vestiture mostly white, with few blackish
brown and pale greyish brown scales, white scales
from ventrolateral corners directed medially, eyes
large, forming 70% of width of head measured below
antennae, thin scales behind eye blackish brown,
with short, blackish brown scales at base of antennae
medially, with long, narrow, mostly white occipital
scales directed dorsally, mixed with few greyish brown
tipped scales, with mostly pure white vertex scales
396 B. Landry
projecting anterodorsally between antennae; antenna
slightly serrate, ciliation half as long as width of
flagellomeres, dorsal vestiture with basal scales white
and middle scales greyish brown, darker and thus more
contrasting toward base of flagellum, distal 1/3 of
flagellum also with erect greyish brown ventral scales;
maxillary palpus small, projecting dorsally barely above
pilifer, blackish brown scaled; labial palpus of medium
length, projecting anterodorsally at half right angle,
with reclining apical segment, reaching just above top
of head and anteriorly beyond frons to distance almost
as long as diameter of eye, vestiture of basal segment
mostly greyish brown with white apically, with rather
sparse scaling of medium length projecting ventrally
and anteriorly, second palpomere with white basal
scales ventrally slightly projecting anteriorly, otherwise
pale greyish brown, third palpomere with short, thin
appressed scales mostly pale greyish brown, white
apically; haustellum mostly white with pale greyish
brown scales paler at their bases. Thorax dorsally
mostly white with pale greyish brown to blackish
brown tipped scales at base of tegulae, as patches
laterally on mesoscutum, as patches laterally or as
band across median section of metascutellum, and at
apex of tegulae and adjacent metascutum, the latter
scales narrow and curving upward. Foreleg coxa light
greyish brown with few scattered darker brown scales
and larger apical white scales; femur blackish brown
at base, then white, blackish brown medially, greyish
brown in distal half with scattered white scales and
white ventral edge; tibia dark greyish brown with white
postbasally, thin scales covering epiphysis light grey;
tarsomeres white with dark greyish brown patches on
distal half on first and at apex and decreasing in size
and intensity on second to fourth. Midleg femur white
with greyish brown subbasally, medially (darkest
patch), and apically; tibia dark greyish brown with
white postbasally and subapically, spurs white with
light greyish brown dorsally; tarsomeres as on foreleg.
Hindleg femur white with light greyish brown, slightly
darker medially; tibia white with scattered light greyish
brown and dark greyish brown patches at bases of spurs,
that of median spurs smaller, spurs white; tarsomeres
white with patches of dark greyish brown decreasing in
size and intensity on first to third. Forewing length: 6.0-
7.0 mm (holotype: 7.0 mm) (wingspan: 12.5-15.0 mm).

Last updated: 09 Jan 2018


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    Taxon occurs only in Galapagos.

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    Questionable Endemic
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Distribution: This is a Galápagos endemic so far found
on Isabela, Santa Cruz, and Santiago.