Galapagos Species Checklist

Monomorium destructor

(Jerdon, 1851)

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Division Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Hymenoptera
Suborder Apocrita
Superfamily Vespoidea
Family Formicidae
Subfamily Myrmicinae
Seccion Solenopsidini
Genus Monomorium

Monomorium destructor  (Jerdon, 1851)


English common name: Singapore ant

Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Description: The Singapore ant is a small (1.8 to 3.5 mm) omnivorous ant that ranges in colour from yellow to brown, with a smooth texture and long antennae. Singapore ants form large colonies with multiple queens and new colonies of ants are established when one of these queens migrates to a different nest site.

The Singapore Ant is a small (1.8 to 3.5 mm) omnivorous ant that ranges in colour from yellow to brown. It has a smooth texture and long antennae. It forms large colonies with many queens. New colonies are most commonly formed by one of the queens walking to a new nest site.

Last updated: 24 Jan 2014


  • In
  • Na

  • Ac

    Taxon accidentally introduced, naturalized in the wild.

  • Cu
  • Er
  • Es
  • Ic
  • AcQ
    Questionable Accidental
  • NaQ
    Questionable Native


Galapagos island groups: Floreana, Isabela, Santa Cruz.

Floreana, Baltra; probable origin Kenya (type specimen).

Please be aware that this distribution map is automatically generated from database records (CDF and external specimens, literature records, and observations) and may not accurately reflect the currently-known distribution for all species.


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