Galapagos Species Checklist

Flabellina marcusorum

Gosliner & Kuziriam, 1990

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Division Mollusca
Class Gastropoda
Order Nudibranchia
Suborder Dexiarchia
Superfamily Flabellinoidea
Family Flabellinidae
Genus Flabellina

Flabellina marcusorum  Gosliner & Kuziriam, 1990


English common name: Slugs

Spanish common name: eolidáceo de Marcus

Name status: Accepted name; taxon occurs in Galapagos.

Description: Length: 25 mm

Shallow water (less than 200 m depth), subtidal and intertidal.

Last updated: 23 Jan 2014

IUCN Status

Not Evaluated - Not yet been evaluated against the criteria.

The IUCN Red List assessments presented here may deviate from the global IUCN listings for the following reasons:

  • for well-known species groups, such as vascular plants or vertebrates, updates proposed to the IUCN are shown, rather than the outdated, but currently-used status;
  • for poorly-known species groups, such as lichenized fungi, a general assessment is not currently possible, therefore the list presented here is the regional IUCN Red List for the Galapagos Archipelago.


Bioregions: South-eastern.

Galapagos island groups: Santa Cruz.

Baja California, Brasil and Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)

Please be aware that this distribution map is automatically generated from database records (CDF and external specimens, literature records, and observations) and may not accurately reflect the currently-known distribution for all species.


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