Galapagos Species Checklist

Lichenized Fungi

<em>Heterodermia podocarpa</em>. Humid zone, Volcán Alcedo, Isabela Island, Galápagos

Heterodermia podocarpa. Humid zone, Volcán Alcedo, Isabela Island, Galápagos

This checklist includes all lichen fungi that are currently known to occur in the Galapagos Islands. This list also includes some fungi typically associated with lichens (lichenicolous fungi, i.e., fungi parasitic or parasymbiontic on lichens) or often treated by lichenologists even though they are not lichenized.

Lichens do not represent a taxonomic group, but are a classic example of a symbiosis, i.e., two very different organisms living together to form a new entity.
The outside shape and structure that we notice as a lichen is built by a fungus. Inside, this macroscopic structure hosts microscopic cells of green algae (Chlorophyta) or blue-green photosynthetic bacteria (Cyanobacteria).
The fungi that participate in this symbiosis belong to two taxonomic divisions (or phyla): Basidiomycota & Ascomycota.

Authors: Frank Bungartz, Frauke Ziemmeck, Alba Yánez Ayabaca, Fredy Nugra, André Aptroot.

Other Contributors: Teuvo Ahti, Rosa Batalles, Michel Benatti, Lenyn Betancourt C., Othmar Breuss, Philippe Clerc, Carolina Cornejo, Desiree Cruz, Manuela Dal Forno, Paul Diederich, Valeria Leonor Dután-Patiño, Damien Ertz, Tassilo Feuerer, Anne Guézou, Marusa Herrera, Georg Hillmann, Patricia Jaramillo Díaz, Harald Jonitz, Klaus Kalb, Kerry Knudsen, James Lawrey, Robert Lücking, Danilo Minga, Ricardo Miranda, Roland Moberg, Bibiana Moncado, Catalina Quintana, Eimy Rivaz-Plata, Matthias Schultz, Harrie Sipman, Adriano Spielman, Ulrik Søchting, Anders Tehler, Göran Thor, Leif Tibell, Einar Timdal, Camille Truong, Diego Villagómez, William A. Weber, Martin Westberg.

Last updated: Sept. 29, 2016

Names of taxa included: 698 total (633 accepted, 4 unidentified taxon, 6 doubtful, 34 preliminary identification, 15 problematic, 6 new to science), 167 rejected.

Origin of the taxa included: 1 questionable native, 45 endemic, 568 indigenous, 3 questionable endemic.

Adding up the number of species in each category will not always equal the total number indicated. Some species have insufficient data to be categorized while others (e.g., category eradicated) will not be included in the total.

Lichens Species Checklist

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Domain Eukaryota

Kingdom Fungi

Division Ascomycota

Class Arthoniomycetes

Order Arthoniales

Class Dothideomycetes

Order Capnodiales

Order Hysteriales

Order Incertae sedis

Order Pleosporales

Class Eurotiomycetes

Order Mycocaliciales

Order Pyrenulales

Order Verrucariales

Class Incertae sedis

Order Incertae sedis

Class Lecanoromycetes

Order Acarosporales

Order Agyriales

Order Baeomycetales

Order Incertae sedis

Order Lecanorales

Order Ostropales

Order Peltigerales

Order Pertusariales

Order Rhizocarpales

Order Teloschistales

Class Lichinomycetes

Order Lichinales

Division Basidiomycota

Class Agaricomycetes

Order Agaricales

Class Tremellomycetes

Order Tremellales

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Rapid Identification Guide of Galapagos Lichens

The CDF Rapid Identification Guides permit a quick, but preliminary identification based on photos. They should be used with some caution and cannot replace a more exhaustive guidebook with detailed descriptions and keys.
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Bungartz, F., Ziemmeck, F., Yánez Ayabaca, A., Nugra, F., Aptroot, A. (2016). CDF Checklist of Galapagos Lichenized Fungi - FCD Lista de especies de Hongos liquenizados de Galápagos. In: Bungartz, F., Herrera, H., Jaramillo, P., Tirado, N., Jiménez-Uzcátegui, G., Ruiz, D., Guézou, A. & Ziemmeck, F. (eds.). Charles Darwin Foundation Galapagos Species Checklist - Lista de Especies de Galápagos de la Fundación Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin Foundation / Fundación Charles Darwin, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos: Last updated 29 Sep 2016.