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David J. Anderson, Mark D. White, Michele A. Johnson, Robert A. Browne, 2003, Evidence for low genetic divergence among Galapagos <i>Opuntia</i> Cactus species - Notícias de Galápagos 62: 11-15
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David J. Anderson, Dr. Jean Dorst, 1963, La Station de Recherches Charles Darwin, Galapagos, Ecuador - Notícias de Galápagos 1: 4-5
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David J. Anderson, Elizabeth I. Collins, Robert A. Browne, 2010, Morpholgical variation of Galápagos Island populations of the yellow warbler <i>Dendroica petechia aureola</i> - Notícias de Galápagos 67: 9-13
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David J. Anderson, Gustavo Jiménez-Uzcátegui, Jeffery Mangel, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, 2006, Fishery bycatch of the waved albatross <i>Phoebastria irrorata</i>, a need for implementation of agreements - Notícias de Galápagos 64: 7-9
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David J. Anderson, Yale Dawson, 1964, Cacti in the Galapagos Islands - Notícias de Galápagos 4: 12-13
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