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Conley K. McMullen, 1986, Observations on insect visitors to flowering plants on Isla Santa Cruz, Part II. Butterflies, moths, ants, hover flies and stilt bugs - Notícias de Galápagos 43: 21-23
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Conley K. McMullen, 1985, Observation on insect visitors to flowering plants of Isla Santa Cruz - Notícias de Galápagos 42: 24-25
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Charlotte Causton, Christopher Hodgson, Douglas Miller, Piedad Lincango, 2010, An updated checklist of scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the Galapágos Islands, Ecuador - Notícias de Galápagos 67: 3-7
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Alejandro E. Mieles, Lázaro Roque-Albelo, 2005, The distribution, conservation and larval food plant of <i>Epiplema becki</i> Hayes (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Uraniidae) on the Galapagos Islands - Notícias de Galápagos 63: 19-23
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Charlotte Causton, Lázaro Roque-Albelo, 1999, El Niño and introduced insects in the Galapagos Islands: Different dispersal strategies, similar effects - Notícias de Galápagos 60: 30-36
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A. Mauchamp, E. Ramírez, M.M. Trigo, Patricia Jarmillo, 2010, Insect pollinators of <i>Jasminocereus thouarsii</i>, an endemic cactus of the Galápagos Islands. - Notícias de Galápagos 67: 21-25
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