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Lázaro Roque, 1998, The Monarch butterfly in the Galapagos Islands: Is it a native or an introduced species? - Notícias de Galápagos 59: 9-11
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Marinus S. Hoogmoed, 1989, Introduced geckos in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, with remarks on other areas - Notícias de Galápagos 47: 12-16
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Juan Black, Tjitte de Vries, 1983, Of men, goats & guava - problems caused by introduced species in the Galapagos - Notícias de Galápagos 38: 18-21
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Christian Sevilla, Victor Carríon, Washington Tapia, 2008, Management of introduced animals in Galápagos - Notícias de Galápagos 65: 46-48
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Johan Van Keer, Léon Baert, Nina Wauters, 2016, The spider Theridion melanostictum (Araneae, Theridiidae), a recent introduction to Galapagos? - Notícias de Galápagos 68: 13-14
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Anne Guézou, Henri W. Herrera, Lillian Connett, Patricia G. Parker, Sharon L. Deem, Victor Carríon, 2016, Gizzard contents of the Smooth-billed Ani Crotophaga ani in Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - Notícias de Galápagos 68: 43-48
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