Biodiversity Visualization

Please be aware that the data sets used in this application are characterized by some inherent bias. Graphics and diagrams displayed here are based upon specimen data from Galapagos Natural History Collections hosted at our research station, and elsewhere throughout the world. Although regularly updated, these data sets are far from complete and many collections outside Galapagos are still not included. Also, identifications of specimens may at times be inaccurate. Therefore, these records cannot represent the true distribution of all Galapagos species, not necessarily even their currently known distribution. Instead this visualization only reflects which species are represented in the collections.

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On slow connections be patient for the site to update. To view the data from a particular island or compare several islands, select the islands you are interested in from the list in the upper left corner. Hover with your mouse across the graphics and additional information will be displayed. Right-click (MAC: CTRL-click) gives you additional options.

You are welcome to download and use this information acknowledging the origin of the data.
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Charles Darwin Foundation (2017). Visualization Analysis of the data from the Charles Darwin Foundation Collections Database - Análisis Visual de información de la Base de datos de colecciones de la Fundacion Charles Darwin. Online data portal - portal de datos en linea: Last updated July 25, 2013, 11:57 a.m.