Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Dennis Geist, CDF President

Dennis Geist is a former professor of Volcanology at the University of Idaho and is currently a Program Director for the U.S. National Science Foundation. He has been conducting field research in the Galapagos since 1982, in an attempt to understand the origins of magmas, eruptive processes, and the geologic controls on biodiversity. He is former Chair of his department and served on the editorial boards of Geology and the Journal of Petrology.

Bill Sutherland, William "Bill" Sutherland

Professor for Conservation Biology in Cambridge, Bill has wide interests in conservation biology. He is especially interested predicting the impacts of environmental change, especially on bird populations. Some of this work combines field data and models while other work is purely based on field work. While much of his work has been in the UK, he has been involved in many projects elsewhere in the world. Another major theme is using evidence-based conservation to collate experience of the effectiveness of interventions (via the website and then use this evidence to advise practice. He hopes that this will eventually revolutionise global conservation practice.

Paula Brock

Paula Brock joined the Zoological Society of San Diego in June 2001. Prior to joining the Society, Ms. Brock was the founding partner in Brock, Tibbitts & Snell, An Accountancy Corporation, specializing in due diligence and securities work. She served as Senior Vice President and Senior Financial Officer at ITT Residential Capital Corporation and was also Senior Audit Manager with KPMG. She is a member of the American Institute of CPA's, the California Society of CPA's, American Zoological Association, American Association of Museums, and was a founding member of the San Diego chapter of the American Woman's Society of CPA's. She sits on the Board of Trustees of San Diego State University Research Foundation and is Chair of the Audit Committee, and is Treasurer of the board of The International Species Information System (ISIS), the world’s largest zoological service organization. She is actively involved in numerous community organizations and projects.

Paul A. Baker

Paul is Dean of the School of Geological Sciences and Engineering at Yachay Tech in Urcuqui, Ecuador. Paul is also Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University. He is Chair of the newly founded Andean Sustainable Development Solutions Network (part of the global SDSN). Paul is also a member of the Committee on Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society. His research focuses on the geologic and climatic history of tropical South America, asking the question: how does evolution of the physical environment help to determine the origin and evolution of the biota?

Hans van Poelvoorde

Hans van Poelvoorde was born in Maastricht, The Netherlands. After obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSc) at Eindhoven University he worked predominantly for family-owned multi-national companies. In 2003 he became a Board Member of the Pon Equipment & Power Group responsible for Strategy and Business Development. Working directly for the Pon shareholder, he created an investment vehicle (Ponooc) and a foundation (COmON) between 2010 and end of 2014. In COmON he was instrumental in directing the foundation towards investing in nature restoration which culminated in the creation of a dedicated foundation: Commonland. He is married to Nuria Simó Vila and lives in Washington DC, USA.