Dr. Gerard Wellington Marine Climate Change Project

Tubastraea coccinea

We believe that climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the world today. The Charles Darwin Foundation is ready to tackle this global problem by improving our scientific understanding of the Galapagos archipelago. Possessing almost 60 years of Galapagos biodiversity data, we have resources available to continue studying the impacts of climate change and produce action plans.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of our national and international friends and donors. The "Dr. Gerard 'Jerry' Wellington Marine Climate Change Project" is an initiative by Amy Blackwell, owner of Blackwell Communications LLC, to ensure that a climate change research agenda is established in Galapagos and the archipelago is conserved for future generations.

The project was named in honor of Dr. Gerard Wellington, a renowned specialist in coral reef science, who was a trusted Advisor to the Charles Darwin Foundation for many years. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014, but his memory will live on in the climate change work we hope to conduct on the Enchanted Islands. 

Amy has already raised $67,000 to fund climate change workshops and scientific research in Galapagos. Please help us reach her $80,000 fundraising goal.

Please visit her website for more information.

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