Two Volunteers Transform the CDF Library


In January 2014, Amie Shuttleworth and Jon Waite, two talented young engineers from the UK, flew to Galapagos on a mission. Equipped with positive vibes and working on a shoestring budget, they spent the next three months repairing and renovating the Charles Darwin Foundation’s (CDF) library.

Library before and after low4.pngBefore and after

The CDF library houses the world’s most extensive collection of Galapagos material, including historical documents more than half a century old and found nowhere else on the planet. However, for some time the building had been in a state of disrepair and a timely contribution was necessary for the preservation of books and publications and also for the enjoyment of the library’s visitors.

Library side before and after low4.jpgSpot the difference!

Amie and Jon successfully raised funds for the project using their own crowd-funding site, supported by the Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Conservation Trust and The Prince's Foundation . In next to no time, they successfully added a roof extension, improved natural ventilation, sealed the chimney, made the building vermin and water-proof, improved its structure, replaced rotting matter with good quality stained wood, repainted the building and removed broken AC units. In other words, the library is now unrecognizable!

library complete.jpgCDF staff and volunteers helped paint the library on the weekend

The CDF is in the process of recruiting a highly qualified librarian to manage the CDF library, made possible with funds donated by Diane and Ken Saladin in partnership with Galapagos Conservancy .