Ecuadorian student raises funds to save the Mangrove Finch


CDF fundraising staff member, Kelsey Bradley, handing out a certificate to Isabella Cobo (Photo: Liza Díaz Lalova)

S.O.S. Pinzón" is a project created by Isabella Cobo a 10th grade student from Colegio Americano de Quito which has raised $ 1.300 for the Mangrove Finch Conservation Project through the sale of stylish wrist bands. "S.O.S. Pinzón "had an incredible response in the Galapagos Islands and because of home-grown support like this we can continue to preserve this endangered bird.

Pulseras02.jpg"S.O.S. Pinzón" wrist bands

With an estimated population of 60-80 individuals, the Mangrove Finch is the rarest species of “Darwin's finches”. The efforts of the Mangrove Finch Project through captive rearing are essential for the survival of mangrove finches.

web-kelsey.jpgKelsey Bradley talking about CDF research (Photo: Liza Díaz Lalova)

On April 27th, 2015, the Fundación Colegio Americano de Quito organized an assembly to celebrate Earth Day. CDF fundraising staff members Kelsey Bradley and Liza Díaz Lalova presented a talk about our work and handed over a certificate to Isabella for her highly valued initiative.

It is fantastic to see the support of young, talented Ecuadorian students and "S.O.S. Pinzón" - initiated by a teenager from Isabela Island - provides hope for future generations in the conservation of the enchanted islands. 

WEB-FCAQ.jpgColegio Americano de Quito students celebrating Earth Day (Photo: Liza Díaz Lalova)

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