CDF's New Library Catalog


The G.T. Corley Smith Library. Photo: Paola Díaz.

Written by: Edward Williams

The G.T. Corley Smith Library, located in Puerto Ayora at our Research Station, is happy to announce the online availability of our catalog. In the past, the only way to know which titles were in our collection was to visit the library in person. Now, thanks to the support of the Galapagos Conservancy and a partnership with Yachay E.P., the catalog may be accessed from any internet connection by choosing the "Biblioteca" link on our Datazone page at

ENGLISH corley smith.jpgOur Online Catalog.

On the home page you can find a few samples from our collection as well as some links of interest to researchers. Many items which have been recently added include abstracts/summaries to assist in locating material of interest. If additional content is available online, this will also be indicated. We will continue to add abstracts and links to online content as appropriate going forward, so check back regularly for updates.

IMG_0086_small.jpgEveryone is welcome to our library. Photo: Paola Díaz.

Many thanks to the team members and organizational partners who have helped make this longstanding goal a reality.