RAYMOND LÉVEQUE, The Origin of the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz (1960-1962)

Charles Darwin Research Station facilities in 1970.

We remember the first Director of the Charles Darwin Research Station, a Swiss ornithologist who sadly passed away last month at the age of 84.

Léveque supervised and planned the initial work for the construction of the Research Station in Puerto Ayora. He started the first herbarium and he began noticing the importance of the conservation of the giant tortoises in Santa Cruz. The first eradication of efforts to control the goat population started with Leveque in South Plaza Island.

His legacy remains in Galapagos to this day. Raymond Léveque worked with Victor Van Straelen and Peter Scott to launch the construction Project of the Research Station. His efforts were focused on reaching national and international agreements for the growth and the promotion of the relevance of the research conducted in Galapagos in the 1960’s.

Thanks to dedicated researchers like Raymond Léveque, we have been working in science for conservation in Galapagos for nearly 60 years.

Léveque was a pioneer in a place with very limited resources; an unexplored location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is today one of the bases of scientific leaders in Ecuador and the world.

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