Shannon Nagy

Shannon is a marine scientist specializing in protected area administration who joined the CDF as a volunteer in 2019.

As part of the Seamount Research Project team, he has been assisting the first characterization study of deep-sea ecosystems on seamounts. Additionally, he has been collaborating with the Fisheries Research Project in the socio-ecological assessment and management of the Galapagos artisanal fishery.

Among other contributions, Shannon is currently working on a manuscript that reviews the history of deep-sea exploration in Galapagos, and is supporting the publication of new species inventories of deep-sea invertebrates in the GMR.

Following on from his work experience in fisheries research and ecotourism back in Australia, he aims to expand his understanding of marine ecosystems, unexplored deep-sea habitats, and the organizational systems that are in place for their environmental management.


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