General Assembly Member

I was born in Corvallis Oregon, USA, started pre-school at age 2, was ‘kidnapped’ by my parents when I was 4, and taken to Chicago, Tennessee and Rochester NY. I completed grade school in a suburb of Rochester and high school in (what was then) a farming community east of Rochester.

The summer between my junior and senior years in high school I was accepted into a program for ‘budding scientists’ at Jackson Memorial Laboratory, a cancer and heredity research lab in Bar Harbor Maine, USA. There I learned about Reed College, in Portland Oregon – it sounded wonderful to me (no football team, no fraternities or sororities, more math graduates [in absolute numbers] than Harvard, in spite of being 1/4th the size, so many interesting-sounding courses in its catalog that I figured it would take me 8 years to graduate).

I applied, attended and graduated. It did take 8 years, but I wasn’t enrolled for 4 of those years. I started as a chem major, and graduated as an experimental psychologist. I then left the Northwest and settled in the Bay Area (i.e., San Francisco area) for most of the next 53 years. There I worked for an educational publisher, thenCalTech (in Pasadena), the National Academy of Science (in Washington DC), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (back in Berkeley again), and finally (i.e., my last fulltime job before retiring), was Executive Director of a medium-large law firm in San Francisco.

Before retiring I visited the Galapagos as a tourist (in 1978) and completely fell in love with them – their beauty, their flora and fauna, and their people. And, being a 'wanna-be scientist' by that time, I vowed ‘when I retire I will return here to work at the Research Station!’ Four years later I returned, again as a tourist, with a different group of friends (but again with Bernard Schreyer and David Day on the Tigress), and visited the Western islands.

I ‘retired’ (i.e., left fulltime employment) in 1996, and by July of that year I was at CDRS. filling in for Marta … [please insert her last name and remove this. I can’t remember it, but she’s still there], taking care of visiting scientists and visiting international volunteers while Marta was on maternity leave. After finishing that I returned to the Bay area and became very involved with local non-profits, working on the environment, parks, trails, etc., serving as Treasurer for them. In 1998 I returned to the Station, and worked there, under Maria Elena Guerra [sp?] until February 2000.


In about 2007 I was elected as a Governing member, and a year later was elected to the Board. I spent 6 years as Treasurer, visiting the Station and the accounting office in Quito, repeatedly, to try to simplify and speed things up. At the end of that period I returned to local (i.e., in or near Berkeley CA) non-profits. I now live just south of Portland Oregon. With the exception of November 2019-November 2020, I have been a Governing member since first elected, have attended all Annual Meetings (except 2020) and hope to continue to contribute to the Foundation’s success and well-being.

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