Emily McFarling

Research Assistant

Emily has been a research assistant at the Charles Darwin Research Station since March 2022. Having graduated from Aberyswtyth University in Wales, UK, with a BSc in Geography, she acquired knowledge in human and physical geography, environmental management, and satellite earth observation and mapping using ArcGIS. Her favorite extracurricular activity and passion has always been art, having started as a child. Nowadays, Emily has created a small freelance business as an illustrator and graphic designer aside from her job at the CDF in which her primary focus is to create awareness about the anthropogenic effects on the environment. She has previously worked as an illustrator for the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Aberystwyth University, annually prepares herself for the environmental and artistic movement Our Planet Week. As a result, apart from producing maps, creating data bases, helping her team with research and ecological monitoring field work as part of the Marine Invasive Species project, Emily also supports the development of creative material for educational purposes. Is planning on taking her academic studies to a master’s degree level in GIS (geographical information systems) in the near future.

At present, Emily and her team are carrying out research on the possible trajectories taken by the marine invasive species as a mean of introduction into the Galapagos. What has been found is that the largest source of introduction is by what is known as biofouling, which is when fouling species stick to the hulls of ships taking a free ride around the globe. This investigation incorporates tracking and mapping the paths taken by all the boats present in the archipelago in order to find possible hotspots in which the possible introduced species may have settled and formed colonies.

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