Nicolas Velasco


Nicolás has a great curiosity for plant species, their reproduction, ecology and how these disperse. Coming from Chile, started his career as an Agronomist studying the reproduction of fruiting species and how to increase their yield. Later, he collaborated with several nature conservancy NGOs, activity that stimulated him to pursue a MSc in Restoration Ecology, thanks to a scholarship from the Chilean National Research and Development Agency. Afterwards, he committed to different research and restoration ecology projects, aimed to study the natural regeneration of sclerophyllous forest. In the last years, Nicolás followed a double PhD in Science between the University of Chile and University of Groningen, the Netherlands. For his project he studied the dispersion, morphology, climatic niche and ecological function of Vachellia caven one of the most widely distributed native Fabaceae in South America. For Nicolás, as a researcher, it is vital to contribute to the science made in the Galapagos Archipelago, to guarantee the restoration of the original vegetation dynamics, with focus on ecological restoration using keystone species of the island ecosystems under study. His position as a researcher will aim to analyze data, model climatic data and species distributions, as well as produce scientific publications jointly with the team of the GV2050 Program.

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