Patricia Jaramillo Díaz

Leader of the Galapagos Verde 2050 Project and General Coordinator of the Natural History Collections

Patricia is an Ecuadorian researcher who came to Galapagos in 1996 to work on her PhD thesis about the ‘human impact on native, endemic and introduced flora on the Galapagos Islands’ and later became part of the CDRS staff as curator of the CDS herbarium in addition to initiating the project of conservation of threatened species.

She is a specialist in ecology and conservation biology and has developed numerous projects of applied biology on the species of threatened flora, plant-animal interactions and ecological restoration.

She was professor of botany at the Central University of Ecuador (Galapagos headquarters) and is currently leader of the project “Galapagos Verde 2050: Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems and Sustainable Agriculture” and is also General Coordinator of the Natural History Collections of Galapagos at the CDRS.


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