Michelle Schuiteman

Science & Communications Volunteer

Michelle Schuiteman is a biologist, writer and educator volunteering with the Charles Darwin Foundation.

She has over 15 years of experience in biological research, wildlife management and science education, having worked for state, federal and non-profit organizations in Alaska, Oregon, California, Michigan and Ecuador.

During her term at the Foundation, she has been a part of the editorial committee for the forthcoming Atlas of Galapagos, a joint publication of the World Wildlife Fund and the Charles Darwin Foundation.


Solving a Question of Sustainability by Studying the Ear Bones of Galapagos Fish

Fisheries technician Solange Andrade-Vera sits in the lab of the marine sciences building at the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF), intent on her work. In one hand, she holds a small white object...

RAYMOND LÉVEQUE, The Origin of the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz (1960-1962)

We remember the first Director of the Charles Darwin Research Station, a Swiss ornithologist who sadly passed away last month at the age of 84. Léveque supervised and planned the initial work for...

Third Group of Captive-Reared Mangrove Finch Fledglings Return to Isabela Island

A team of Charles Darwin Research Station 'Mangrove Finch Project' staff carried out the successful release of 15 mangrove finch (Camarhynchus heliobates) fledglings this May. The team spent six...

Jorge Herrera, 30 Years with the Charles Darwin Foundation

In 1986, our dear colleague Jorge Herrera became a part of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) staff. With the motivation to achieve a college scholarship that the Foundation could grant, Jorge...

The Charles Darwin Foundation on International Innovation

THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS are one of the best preserved island ecosystems in the world. The observations Charles Darwin made when he visited the Islands in 1835 can still be seen and have been studied...

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