Joshua Vela Fonseca


Joshua Vela Fonseca has a degree in Visual Arts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. In 2018 he returned to his home-island, Santa Cruz, to volunteer at the Charles Darwin Foundation as a multimedia producer.

He continues collaborating to the CDF and, additionally, he works with Lindblad-National Geographic as Video Chronicler and he is the co-founder of Galapagos Workshop design studio. He speaks Spanish, English and German.


2050 is being built today: Ecological Restoration of Baltra by Galapagos Verde 2050

We can all support the science generation. Before graduating from Visual Arts I never thought I would be able to work alongside scientists in their field studies at the most pristine corners of the...

Seven days at Alcedo Volcano

Giant tortoises have disappeared from almost every corner of the world, and currently, they are the most threatened group of vertebrates according to El Comercio. Although it might sound bizarre,...

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