Esme Plunkett

Research Assistant for the Project GV 2050

After finishing my BSc in Biological Sciences at Durham University in England, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in ecology and conservation and the volunteer programme for the Galapagos Verde 2050 Project was the perfect starting point for this. Since having been involved in the project I have discovered a love for the flora of this archipelago and the incredible goals of this project. The work GV2050 does is vital for the continuation of the Galapagos ecosystems, first of all to restore the degraded ecosystems and ensure the survival of endemic and native species, but also the practice of sustainable agriculture to support the wellbeing of the local population.

Esme worked with us until February 2021.


Starting my scientific career in the Galapagos Islands

As a recent Biological Sciences graduate wanting to make her mark on the world, I asked myself: where should I go? Silly question. Obviously, the Galapagos Islands. Having grown up only seeing the...

Saving a species from the brink of extinction: Galapagos Verde 2050

Today, it is believed species go extinct across the globe without their existence having ever been discovered (Lees & Pimm, 2015). This could have easily been the story of Galvezia leucantha var....

Galapagos Verde 2050: Bringing ecological integrity back to South Plaza

Historical photographic records show a clear deterioration of the Opuntia echios forests on South Plaza island. The breakdown of ecological integrity on South Plaza is why the Galapagos Verde 2050...

Life re-emerging! Galápagos Verde 2050: Cacti recovering on remote islands

On 12th September 2018, a team from Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) project, Galapagos Verde 2050 (GV2050) with the collaboration of the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI), implemented by...

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