Isabella Morgante


Isabella (or Izzy) is a marine science specializing in mesophotic ecosystems that joined the CDF as a volunteer in 2019.
She has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Bristol in England. In her undergraduate thesis, she created a computer model to investigate the potential for lionfish to invade the Mediterranean Sea. Most recently, she has worked as a science officer at a marine conservation NGO in the Philippines where she conducted a research project on using open circuit technical diving to monitor upper mesophotic coral reefs (30m – 50m). She is also a PADI SCUBA instructor and a trimix technical diver.
As part of the Seamount Research Project team, among other contributions, Izzy has assisted the design and development of field methodology and supporting the first baseline assessment of a newly discovered deep-water kelp ecosystem.


Diving deeper than ever to study mysterious kelp forest in Galapagos

In August of 2019, the first technical dive expedition for scientific research was carried out in the Galapagos. We were accompanied by Monty Halls and a film crew who wanted to capture this unique...

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