Sylvia Harcourt

General Assembly Member of CDF

I studied zoology at Nottingham University, then an M.Sc in Ecology from Bangor, North Wales. My first field trip was to Kashmir, searching for the Hangul deer, in danger of extinction because of habitat loss and competition with farmers who grazed their stock up in the high areas of the Himalayas in summer. My second study area was Galapagos, as a volunteer field assistant to Keith Christian, studying the endemic land iguanas of Santa Fe for about nine months, followed by six months on Genovesa with the Peter and Rosemary Grant team.

I was in Galapagos from 1978 – 1989, working in the field with visiting and resident scientists, three years as science advisor to a British film crew, and Director’s Assistant/Visiting Scientist coordinator for three years. During a short break in 1982 I studied the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Park, Rwanda. I have been actively involved with CDF as a General Assembly member since 1991, a Board Member from 2004 -2011 and am part of the Membership Committee.


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