Galapagos Species Checklist

Sphyrna lewini (Griffith & Smith, 1834)

tiburón martillo, Scalloped hammerhead

Photo: Inti Keith, CDF.
Photo: Inti Keith, CDF.

Size: At least 4.2 m. Silver-gray to gray-brown, fading to white underside. Underside tips of pectoral fins dusky. Rear edge of vental fin straight.

Habitat: Areas of deep water near dropp-offs. Form large schools of 400 individuals, swimming well organized










Taxon category: Accepted

Syn.: Cestracion leeuwenii Day, 1865, Cestracion oceanica Garman, 1913, Sphyrna diplana Springer, 1941, Zygaena erythraea Klunzinger, 1871, Zygaena indica van Hasselt, 1823, Zygaena lewini Griffith & Smith, 1834, fide Appeltans et al. (2010)

Taxon origin: Native




Distribution: Tropical waters, less frequent in temperate regions; know from sothern California to Ecuador including Galapagos. California to Northern Peru and all the offshore islands of the Eastern Pacific. Circumtropical.


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