Tiburones de la Reserva Marina de Galápagos

File Size:
11.14 MB

Coordination and texts:
Daniela Vilema Moreno

Design, layout and ilustrations:
Daniel Unda García

Shark´s guide ilustrations:
Marc Dando

The Charles Darwin Foundation with the support of "Save our Seas Foundation" and "Lindblad / NatGeo Expeditions" has created the "Guide to the Sharks of the Galapagos Marine Reserve" an educational resource that teaches in a very friendly way about these incredible beings that inhabit the waters of the Galapagos. It is a very complete publication that details several relevant aspects about sharks including characteristics of their natural history, ecological role, threats and how these animals are being investigated.

The guide is being distributed in all the Educational Units of the Province and we hope that students can acquire a greater knowledge about these incredible animals and thus promote the conservation of them. The guide will include a didactic / interactive activity that will be taught to science teachers so that they can make better use of it with their students.



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