Galapagos Species Checklist

Darwiniothamnus lancifolius subsp. lancifolius (Hook. f.) Harling

margarita de Darwin

Photo: Frank Bungartz, CDF, 2007.
Photo: Frank Bungartz, CDF, 2007.

A woody dome-shaped shrub. The lance-shaped leaves grow in whorls up the branches. The white daisy-like flowers occur in groups and are normally present all year round.





Magnoliopsida (= Dicotyledoneae)





subsp. lancifolius

Taxon category: Accepted

Syn.: Erigeron lancifolius Hook. f. Existence in doubt as separate taxon - intermediate between glandulosus and glabriusculus.


Data deficient


Distribution map of specimen collection localities or observation records for this species in our collections database.


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