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Our scientific research and conservation actions with global scientific and local communities ensure we safeguard one of the world’s most important natural treasures for future generations.
Galapagos Workshop


Discover our work researching ocean ecosystems and conserving key marine species in Galapagos and the Eastern Tropical Pacific.


Explore our efforts to combat invasive species, restore fragile ecosystems, and safeguard the Galapagos' iconic land-based fauna and flora.


Understand how our work is grounded in the benefits nature provides to the people of Galapagos, and the role they play as stewards of this unique archipelago.

Meet our staff

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The success of our programs hinges on the dedication and expertise of our remarkable team. Meet our team of scientists and staff that make everything possible.

Our science strategy

Our Science Strategy outlines how we will focus our research and conservation agenda for the next 5 years in our quest to tackle the greatest and most urgent threats and challenges to Galapagos.

Our basic and applied research focus now align to five Scientific Priorities that will help us achieve more impact in and for Galapagos. These Priorities are:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Bioinvasions
  3. Climate and Ocean Change
  4. Ecosystem Resilience and Restoration
  5. Science to Action
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Protect Galapagos, Impact the World

The impact you make on this small ecosystem of enormous biodiversity is part of a larger footprint you are leaving for the world's future. Join us on our mission to safeguard one of our planet’s most important natural treasures through science and conservation action by making a donation today. Thank you for making an impact with us.