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Explore our efforts to combat invasive species, restore fragile ecosystems, and safeguard the Galapagos' iconic land-based fauna and flora.


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Conservation of threatened plant species

More than half of the endemic plant species in Galapagos are currently classified as threatened. The potential loss of these imperiled species not only disrupts ecosystem integrity, but also jeopardizes the survival of iconic native fauna that depend on it. We are updating the IUCN Red List of endangered plant species of Galapagos in order to enable targeted species conservation actions.

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Scalesia forest restoration

Scalesia forests once thrived on the Galapagos Islands, forming a unique humid ecosystem for plants, insects, giant tortoises and birds. Today, only 1% of the forests’ original distribution remains, with several endemic species, including the Scalesia themselves, struggling to survive. We are working to restore this important habitat and given the rapid rate of forest loss, it is a race against time.



Control of the avian vampire fly

In a race against time, our scientists are working hard to find ways to control the avian vampire fly (Philornis downsi), an invasive parasitic fly that is affecting the survival of the unique small landbirds of the Galapagos Islands, including the iconic Darwin’s finches.

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Giant tortoise conservation

Giant tortoises are emblems of Galapagos. They are critical ecosystem engineers, and they are also important for the local economy. Yet, all 12 species of Galapagos Giant Tortoises are of conservation concern. Our work focuses on conserving these gentle giants through research and education.

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