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Our campus

The Charles Darwin Research Station is the scientific research campus of Charles Darwin Foundation, the largest and oldest science and conservation organization in Galapagos.

Our campus

Opening hours

Free admission.

Open Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 18:00 (including public holidays).

Inaugurated in 1964 as a base for scientists conducting their research on Galapagos, the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) on Santa Cruz Island also welcomes all visitors to discover how our scientific research and conservation actions ensure we safeguard one of the world’s most important natural treasures for future generations.

Location: We are at Ave Charles Darwin 854, Puerto Ayora 200350, Ecuador.

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Research Station for All

Hosting over 125,000 visitors each year, the areas in CDRS which are open to the public include the main Charles Darwin Exhibition Hall and surroundings, the Van Straelen Interpretation Center, the native gardens and Shade House, and the GT Corley Smith Library, Archives and Museum.
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Charles Darwin Exhibition Hall

Explore our “must-visit” exhibition hall where we showcase our over 60 years of scientific research in the archipelago, part of our natural history collections, rotating exhibitions and a gift/donation point. And do not miss the opportunity to take a photo with Charles Darwin!

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Van Straelen Interpretation Center

Learn about our marine ecosystems, the ecological role and vulnerability of sharks, and the scientific methodologies used to study sharks in Galapagos in this interpretation center. Featuring a “Marine World” theme, the center also attempts to raise awareness about ocean pollution of plastics. The Van Straelen Interpretation Center is open to the public, Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 15:30.

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Native Garden and Shade House

Take a leisurely walk through our native garden and try to spot endemic flora like cacti and the critically endangered Scalesia affinis, native of Puerto Ayora with its beautiful heart shaped leaves and fragrant flowers, and learn about Galapagos Verde 2050 - an initiative to restore and maintain the ecological balance of the islands - at the Shade House.

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G. T. Corley Smith Library, Archives and Museum

Visit our library, archives and museum which are dedicated to the management of text and audiovisual documents, archival materials, and artifacts of historical, institutional and cultural value to CDRS and the communities of Galapagos. Our library is open to the public.

Research Partner of Choice for Scientists

As the largest research station in Galapagos that is also located next to the Galapagos National Park Directorate, we are the partner of choice for many collaborating, associate and visiting scientists looking to advance their research in Galapagos. In 2022, we welcomed a total of 95 visiting scientists from 17 different countries. Our research facilities feature offices and labs for marine and terrestrial investigation, our natural history collections, and a conference hall in our Inspiration Complex.
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Natural History Collections

Access the more than 135,000 specimens of endemic, native and introduced species across Galapagos, the largest in the world, that CDRS is the custodian of. These are available to qualifying researchers worldwide to facilitate scientific studies that contribute to knowledge of the distribution, ecology, and diversity of the Galapagos biota.

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Conference Hall at the Inspiration Complex

Host your events at our modern Conference Hall at the Inspiration Complex, a flagship initiative for a zero-footprint CDRS campus. Overlooking the beautiful Academy Bay, and teeming with marine life, it is designed as a versatile space that adapts to a variety of needs (with a capacity of up to 70 participants) and provides a stunning view of the sea and town of Puerto Ayora.

Concentration of Sampling Data of Datazone Collections Database

Digital Resources on dataZone

Tap into the dataZone, our collection of web-based databases, virtualization tools, and interactive digital platforms, accessible online or inside the CDRS, which provides access to data and insights from over 60 years of scientific research in the Galapagos Islands. This initiative demonstrates the open-source mindset CDRS adopts to increase the reach of Galapagos-related information and knowledge.

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Behind the scenes visits

For more information on planning your visit to the CDRS or for special VIP-behind the scenes tours, send us an email!

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Protect Galapagos, Impact the World

The impact you make on this small ecosystem of enormous biodiversity is part of a larger footprint you are leaving for the world's future. Join us on our mission to safeguard one of our planet’s most important natural treasures through science and conservation action by making a donation today. Thank you for making an impact with us.