About the Datazone

The dataZone is a collection of applications, accessible online, that provide access to the scientific information stored in several databases - product of almost 60 years of research in the Galapagos Islands.
Marine collections
Juan Manuel Garcia-CDF


In our Galapagos Species Database, we openly share the information from our Natural History Collections Database. There you can search and review the available information about any of the +7,500 species that inhabit the Galapagos Islands.

Juan Manuel Garcia-CDF


The Climatology Database of the Charles Darwin Foundation allows you to visualize and download the historical daily records of temperature, precipitation and humidity from our meteorological stations.

CDF tunnels and cavaties in Puerto Ayora
Joshua Vela


Dive into the public gateway to the Charles Darwin Foundation's geodata, where you can explore maps and download data that holds the key to understanding and addressing crucial local issues. From unraveling environmental challenges to developing innovative applications, this platform empowers you to contribute to the collective solution.

flood risk zones


Explore our geo apps featuring crucial geographic visualizations about the Galapagos Islands, and delve into our story maps providing sneak peeks of our scientific projects through a blend of geographic data, narrative text, images, and multimedia elements – harnessing the power of maps to tell compelling stories.

Other scientific resources

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Discover how our projects foster the protection of the Galapagos Islands, and how we work to ensure that they remain a natural paradise for generations to come.
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A scientist seeking collaboration or independent research opportunities, a student aspiring to complete your thesis under our guidance, or a university establishing a semester abroad program, we are here to provide support.
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