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Monthly Giving

By scheduling a recurring monthly gift, you will increase your impact on Galapagos conservation and become a member of a Club that brings together our most dedicated supporters.

Monthly Giving

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Monthly donations enable us to continue our mission to safeguard Galapagos by bringing needed continuity for long-term impact. Join our Wild Club as a member of one of the three distinct giving categories:
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$5 - 49/month

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$50 - 99/month

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$100+ / month

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Our shared impact in 2023

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Join our wild club today

Make a difference by scheduling a recurring monthly donation to support our mission. Your contributions will be automatically processed each month, and you can easily manage your account and make adjustments whenever necessary. Donations made in the United States are tax-deductible through our partner organization, Friends of the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Meet our founding members

Several of our Founding Members have been supporting the work of the Charles Darwin Foundation for years and their unwavering commitment has been instrumental in our journey of protecting the Galapagos Islands. Download a digital recognition wall in their honor and get inspired by their dedication to making a difference.


Membership benefits:

  • Receipts for your donations;
  • A bi-monthly newsletter with information on our projects and invitations to webinars with our scientists;
  • Exclusive bi-annual newsletters packed with insider updates;
  • Special milestone certificates that you can proudly share on social media. The first milestone is at 6 months, and thereafter each year.


Adopt a Species

You can support our research and conservation projects by becoming a custodian of one of the Galapagos Islands' most iconic species! Learn more about emblematic Galapagos giant tortoises, the endangered Little Vermilion Flycatcher, and many other unique species.
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Fundraise for us

You can help inspire others to protect and preserve the wildlife and ecosystems of Galapagos. From donating your birthday, running a marathon, or organizing a garage sale. There’s no limit to how you can get involved!
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Protect Galapagos, Impact the World

The impact you make on this small ecosystem of enormous biodiversity is part of a larger footprint you are leaving for the world's future. Join us on our mission to safeguard one of our planet’s most important natural treasures through science and conservation action by making a donation today. Thank you for making an impact with us.