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You can help inspire others to protect and preserve animals and the unique environment of one of the world’s planetary treasures.

Fundraise for Us

The Galapagos Islands need you!

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The natural world is under threat like never before and we must work together now more than ever! Our fundraising heroes do amazing things to raise funds for the Charles Darwin Foundation and in this way create a lasting positive impact on Galapagos conservation.

From donating for their birthday, to exhibiting and selling their photographs, or designing and selling socks! There’s no limit to how you can get involved. What is more, all donations are tax-deductible in the United States.


Carlos Espinosa-CDF


Provides a one-month stipend for a field assistant who tracks and monitors giant tortoises and assists with data collection and analysis.

Carlos Espinosa-CDF


Covers one month of our Science Club activities with local students on the islands of Santa Cruz and Isabela.

Juan Manuel Garcia-CDF


Enables us to acquire a scanner to digitize unique herbarium specimens, contributing to our Natural History Collections.

These are just a few examples. We encourage you to download our Fundraising Kit which contains more ideas and descriptions of the projects that take place at the Charles Darwin Research Station.
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Download our fundraising kit

Getting started, fundraising ideas, and helpful tips.


There are plenty of fun ways to get involved and help raise funds for the Charles Darwin Foundation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Propose a Sports Challenge

Organize a sporting event such as a local 5k run and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You could also consider participating in multiple events throughout a set time period to gain more sponsors and raise more funds.

  • Runs/walks
  • Swims/cycling
  • Marathons/triathlons
Carlos Espinosa-CDF
Organize an Event

Organizing an event is a great way to fundraise as it raises money and also brings people together so that you can spread awareness regarding the importance of the work you are doing!

  • Birthday party – ask people to donate instead of giving you a gift
  • Garage sale
  • Bake sale/lemonade stand
  • Movie night


Need further inspiration or ideas?
Meet two of our fundraising heroes and learn about their stories and their impact.

Will & Matty Gladstone

Since 2016 two brothers from Arlington, Massachusetts, Will and Matty, have been selling bright blue socks to raise money for scientific research on blue-footed boobies and their habitat in Galapagos. Since 2019 they have donated more than $80,000 to the Charles Darwin Foundation. Their most recent donation is supporting research related to the avian flu.

Arjun Jenigiri

Arjun is an aspiring ornithologist and a budding wildlife photographer. In 2022, he sold his photos at the Children's Business Fair to raise money for the Charles Darwin Foundation. He was also the winner of the 2022 Bird Photographer of the Year and the 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contests. His fundraiser raised more than $600 in support of our research.

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Protect Galapagos, Impact the World

The impact you make on this small ecosystem of enormous biodiversity is part of a larger footprint you are leaving for the world's future. Join us on our mission to safeguard one of our planet’s most important natural treasures through science and conservation action by making a donation today. Thank you for making an impact with us.