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Overlooking the beautiful Academy Bay, and teeming with marine life, our Inspiration Complex is your ideal venue for conferences, seminars, or business meetings right here at the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS).

Designed as a versatile and modern space that adapts to a variety of event needs, it is our flagship initiative for a zero-footprint CDRS campus.

The Inspiration Complex

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Your Unique Venue at the Edge of the Pacific

The Conference Hall at the Inspiration Complex, CDRS’ new marine science center, is more than just a space.

Offering an unparalleled view of Santa Cruz’s natural harbor of Academy Bay, the town of Puerto Ayora, and the expansive Pacific Ocean teeming with marine life, the Conference Hall is a versatile and modern space designed to adapt to your event needs.

Wrap-around windows not only allow your attendees to feast on this unobstructed view next to sea lions and marine iguanas, but they also allow you to configure the space with either an indoor or outdoor atmosphere.

A Sustainable Space Nestled in Nature

The Inspiration Complex was built utilizing materials such as rocks and wood from the partially demolished original bio marine building, as well as natural resources available locally on the island.

As the flagship initiative for a zero-footprint CDRS campus on Santa Cruz Island, the Inspiration Complex incorporates three important zero carbon emissions features:

  1. Drinking water management through a freshwater treatment plant.
  2. Wastewater processing using a sewage bio-treatment plant.
  3. Green roofs that help to reduce heat loads in the building.
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A Piece of Heritage that Inspires

The Inspiration Complex is born from the old dining room of CDRS, which for many decades was the social space where ideas among scientists were initially conceptualized, and important collaborations and networks built.

old refectory

Today, it hosts the CDRS marine science teams, a new quarantine station for all field work procedures, four research pools, as well as wet and dry laboratories.

Beyond being the new center for marine scientific research, the Inspiration Complex also serves to inspire conservation in the Galapagos by returning to its heritage of the “meeting point” for scientists and researchers to host scientific discussions and showcases, and for the children and youth of Galapagos to learn and evangelize the conservation of their homeland which is also one of the world’s most important natural treasures.

More About the Conference Hall

Capacity and Configurations

With a maximum capacity of 70 people, the Conference Hall can be configured in multiple ways to meet different purposes and event styles, including (but not limited to):

  • Auditorium.
  • Classroom Style.
  • Executive Conference.
  • U-shape.
  • Semi-Circle.

Technology and Equipment

The Conference Hall is equipped with technology to ensure that each event runs smoothly. This includes:

  • Dedicated high-speed Wi-Fi (Starlink).
  • Sound system and microphones.
  • Projection screen and projector.
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