Inspiration Complex

The Inspiration Complex will be a new regional marine science building located at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Galapagos. It will be a center for marine science research equipped with a modern conference venue.

The total costs associated with the construction of Inspiration Complex equal 2.3 million USD. Thanks to a generous grant from the COmON Foundation, 1 million USD has been secured and an additional 1 million USD pre-financed as a loan, and construction is well underway. To complete the project and ensure the success of marine research in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Region, CDF’s goal is to raise 1.3 million USD. We need your help!

Future Services:

Construction late 2019
During the construction process of the Inspiration Complex, December 2019. Photo: Juan Manuel García, CDF.

The Inspiration Complex will host new offices for CDF’s marine science teams, a new quarantine station for all field work procedures, four research pools, wet and dry laboratory and a conference hall. It will not only be a functional space for research but will incorporate zero carbon emissions facilities. 

This will be the flagship initiative for CDF’s “Zero-Footprint” campus for the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Galapagos National Park in Santa Cruz island.

Special Features:

The Inspiration Complex is being built utilizing material from the partially demolished BIOMAR building in the same location.

It will incorporate three important features: drinking water, management and wastewater processing and a green roof that help to cool down the temperature of the building.

The building will include a freshwater treatment plant, solar heaters, and a sewage bio-treatment plant. The construction uses natural resources available on the island, reusing rocks and wood removed from the old building, and local materials.

A Historical Note:

Old Biomar building at the CDRS
Old Biomar building and dining room of the Charles Darwin Research Station. Photo: Juan Manuel García, CDF.

The Inspiration Complex is born from the old dining room of the Charles Darwin Research Station, which for many decades was the social space where ideas amongst scientists were generated and networks built.

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