The Charles Darwin Foundation donates ventilators to Hospital in Galapagos

-- Press Release -- The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands (CDF) has donated two ventilators to the Republic of Ecuador Hospital on Santa Cruz Island in order to contribute to the efforts of the Governing Council of Galapagos (CGREG) and the Municipality of Santa Cruz to address the health emergency generated by the COVID-19 virus in the province.

On the 1st of April, the Director of the Republic of Ecuador Hospital, Dr. Ileana Elizabeth Gómez sent a request for support to CDF Interim Executive Director Dr. María José Barragán to acquire specialized medical equipment to deal with the hospital's emerging cases. CDF was able to respond to this request within 48 hours thanks to the support of the Vice Mayor of Santa Cruz, Mgs. Gabriela Guaycha, the Galapagos Chamber of Tourism and CGREG. The medical equipment arrived today in an Ecuadorian Armed Forces (FAE) plane at Seymour Airport on Baltra Island.

Gabriela Sommerfeld, member of the CDF Board of Directors, said that

"CDF has been part of the Galapagos community for over 60 years. Today, more than ever, our community needs us and, consequently, our institution wishes to support the Ecuadorian government's efforts to overcome the health emergency we have to deal with. Accordingly, CDF has designated an emergency fund to support the Galapagos community in overcoming the crisis afflicting us. In addition, our staff will continue to work from their homes on various research projects to further support the conservation of Galapagos and the sustainable development of its community.”

Norman Wray, Galapagos Governor, thanked CDF for its support and commented:

"As a sign of its commitment to Galapagos and its people, CDF has donated two oxygen-assisted ventilators to help strengthen the health response in the islands. Furthermore, according to conversations held, we know that this support is also being maintained for other medical supplies for the management of this emergency. Thank you very much”.

Finally, Dr. Barragán commented:

"The CDF staff, my team and my family consider ourselves part of this community and we care about its well-being. Thus, as a member of the Galapagos community, I am pleased to be able to support the staff of the Republic of Ecuador Hospital in light of the health emergency facing our community. This donation was made thanks to the support of our staff and donors, who have a special affection for Galapagos and its people. We hope that the medical equipment we have donated will help save the lives of those who need it”.

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