Charles Darwin Foundation Donates Masks and Protective Gear to Help in COVID-19 Fight

--- Press Release --- The Charles Darwin Foundation has donated personal protective equipment, including N95 masks to local institutions in Galapagos to help in the fight against Covid-19.

These supplies arrived at Baltra airport on Friday, May 8th, and were formally handed over today to the Galapagos Biosafety Agency (ABG) and to the Ministry of Public Health through the local Health Centre Matazarno.

This donation will support frontline staff in charge of analyzing coronavirus tests, and for medical staff taking care of infected patients. Personal protective equipment is crucial for public health, particularly in healthcare settings that are already dealing with coronavirus. 


Johanna Carrión, representative of the Charles Darwin Foundation, delivering masks and protective suits to Marilyn Cruz, ABG Director.
Johanna Carrión, representative of the Charles Darwin Foundation, delivering masks and protective suits to Marilyn Cruz, ABG Director.

 “We continue our commitment to support Galapagos, while national and local authorities continue to develop measures to combat the effects of the COVID19 pandemic. We are proud to support local institutions, like the Galapagos Biosafety Agency and the local Health Center, that are helping our neighbors and strengthening our communities,” said María José Barragán, Interim CEO and Science Director of the Foundation.   “Supporting the community we serve will always be a priority for our institution.” Added Barragán.

CDF has already donated 2 ventilators to the local Hospital República del Ecuador, personal protective gear, as well as coronavirus testing kits, and provided medicine for people with disabilities. CDF also made available a vehicle to transport supplies including a biosecurity camera for labs that are analyzing coronavirus tests. 

Additionally, food has been distributed to residents of the Galapagos trapped in mainland Ecuador because of travel restrictions, as well as to members of the local community in the islands that are facing an economic crisis caused by Coronavirus. This is due to a reduction in tourism, the islands’ principal source of income. 

“During this time it has been important for CDF and all its members to maintain communication and cooperation in the best way we can by giving other institutions a hand. We will remain in permanent contact to see how we can help during this very challenging time,” said Gabriela Sommerfeld, CDF board representative.

“This donation is just one more example of the cooperative work between the community, the local authorities, and CDF. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for all, it also has helped unite institutions and communities, as we can see in happening in this small community of the Galapagos Archipelago, showing that together we are stronger and will be able to overcome this crisis” added Sommerfeld.

Donations to support the COVID-19 Galapagos Community Relief Response Fund are being accepted at Galapagos Community Relief Fund. Funds raised will support the work of the local authorities in ensuring patients get the care they need and frontline workers to get essential supplies.


The mission of the Charles Darwin Foundation and its Research Station is to tackle the greatest threats and challenges to Galapagos through scientific research and conservation action, in order to safeguard one of the world’s most important natural treasures.

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