Charles Darwin Foundation Donates Hospital Mattresses to the Medical Center in Galapagos

--Press Release-- On May 16th 2020, the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) donated sixteen hospital mattresses to the Municipality of Santa Cruz and distributed food kits to 200 vulnerable families in the mainland Ecuador and on Santa Cruz Island. CDF made this donation to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the Galapagos province.

The donation of the mattresses was made on Monday, May 18th, on Santa Cruz, Galapagos. From left to right: Johanna Carrión, CDF Interinstitutional Coordinator; Dr. Ileana Gómez, Director of the Local Hospital; and Gabriela Guaycha, Deputy Major of Santa Cruz.

The hospital mattresses arrived on Sunday, May 17th and were delivered on Monday, May 18th 2020, to the Municipality of Santa Cruz for the Isolation Centre.

"Currently, the Family Integration Centre is being used as an Isolation Centre and is being equipped with the necessary instruments and other equipment to be able to serve as an Intensive Care Unit. The centre has seven beds, but in order to be prepared I request the donation of sixteen mattresses that will be located in that centre," says Angel Yánez, Mayor of the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

Additionally, 200 food kits were delivered to vulnerable families on mainland Ecuador and on Santa Cruz Island.

"We wanted to make food contribution to the most vulnerable people in our community. We know that these are difficult times and that is why we remain committed to Galapagos and Ecuador." - Maria José Barragán, Interim Executive Director and Science Director of CDF.

"The current situation has put us all in a difficult situation, but CDF remains committed to supporting those that are most vulnerable and trying to show our solidarity," added Barragán.

"The work carried out in coordination with the Governing Council and, in this case, the hospital, continues, in order to get through the emergency with the least possible impact on the inhabitants of Galapagos," said Gabriela Sommerfeld, representative of the CDF Board of Directors.

Donations are made as part of the Galapagos Community Relief Fund established by CDF in March of this year. Its main purpose is to raise funding for medical supplies and equipment, including COVID-19 test kits and epidemiological laboratory materials, as well as to support the needs of the Galapagos’ most vulnerable community members.

CDF also made the donation of two respirators to the Republic of Ecuador Hospital in Puerto Ayora. CDF staff members have also been delivering medical supplies to people with disabilities and a donation of protective equipment including N95 masks was made to the Ministry of Public Health and the Galapagos Biosecurity Agency. Additionally, CDF loaned a biosecurity chamber for sample analysis and its institutional vehicle for the distribution of supplies.

Donations can be made on the Charles Darwin Foundation's website: Galapagos Community Relief Fund

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