Azimuth World Foundation partners with the Charles Darwin Foundation to promote a sign-up and donation matching campaign

Scalesia Penduculata forest on Santa Cruz island.

Dedicated to one of AWF's pillars, Humankind and Nature, this fundraising campaign will support the CDF's Scalesia Forest Restoration Project, which aims to protect this unique habitat in the Galapagos Islands.

The Scalesia forest is dominated by the endemic giant daisy tree Scalesia pedunculata and houses many endemic species, including the famous Darwin's finches. The forest is now in dramatic decline because of negative impacts of invasive species, particularly blackberry. CDF and the Galapagos National Park Directorate have developed successful and sustainable techniques to control blackberry. With the necessary funds, we can extend this control to help the natural regeneration of Scalesia pedunculata at larger scales.

The campaign will run from June 15 to June 30 as follows: AWF will appeal to subscriptions on its website; for each subscription, AWF will donate $1 to CDF.


Additionally, AWF will encourage donations to CDF and match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $10 000 in subscriptions and matching gifts from June 15 to June 30. At the end of the campaign, regardless of the amount raised, AWF will deliver $2,500 to CDF to support the Scalesia Forest Restoration Project in Galapagos .

“On behalf of the Charles Darwin Foundation, I would like to thank the Azimuth World Foundation for their support of our Scalesia project. It is fantastic to have Azimuth supporting us with this really important initiative!”
- Dr. Rakan Zahawi, Executive Director of the Charles Darwin Foundation

"This project is incredibly important, since losing the Scalesia forest would dramatically decrease the biodiversity of the archipelago because it provides the habitat for many other species, including the iconic Darwin's finches. Thanks to the Azimuth World Foundation and other supporters of this project, we are able to continue our endeavour of helping to conserve this unique forest."
- Renée Monroe, Chief Development Officer of the Charles Darwin Foundation

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