Collaborating Institutions

The Charles Darwin Foundation puts a high priority on collaborative conservation. In addition to working with individual researchers through our Visiting and Adjunct Scientist program, the Foundation also enters into inter-institutional agreements with other organizations. These Agreements promote the causes of joint research projects, knowledge transfer, data management, volunteer support and training, facilitation of research, and many others. Our current collaborators include governmental institutes, national and international universities, and private organizations.

Galapagos National Park Directorate

Galapagos National Park Directorate

Galapagos National Park Directorate

The Galapagos National Park Directorate works to organize and manage the ecosystems in the archipelago. It aims to secure the conservation and integrity of the National Park and ensure the rational use of goods and environmental services that it generates for the population.

Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz
Galápagos - Ecuador
593-5 252-6189

Ministry of Environment - Ecuador
Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine for Galapagos
Ministry of Tourism – Ecuador
Ministry of Agriculture and Farming - Ecuador
SENESCYT - National Secretary for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation
Ministry of International Relations and Human Mobility – Ecuador
ESPOL - Escuela Politécnica del Litoral
Government Council for the Galapagos Special Regime
Central University of Ecuador
Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor

Current Agreements

Agreement Type Cooperating Institution Signing Date (DD/MM/YY) Validity (years)
Memorandum of UnderstandingWWF19/12/161
Interinstitutional CooperationEscuela Politécnica del Litoral28/11/1610
Interinstitutional CooperationFundación Oswaldo Cruz18/10/165
Interinstitutional CooperationUniversidad Yachay Tech15/09/165
Memorandum of UnderstandingCharles Darwin University24/06/165
Memorandum of UnderstandingLeibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology23/06/165
Framework AgreementFundación Malpelo y otros Ecosistemas Marinos21/06/162
Memorandum of UnderstandingQueen's University of Belfast14/06/163
Interinstitutional CooperationPontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador07/06/165
Engagement LetterUniversidad Técnica de Ambato16/05/162
Interinstitutional Cooperation Convention FrameworkEscuela Politécnica del Litoral, Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas, Consejo de Gobierno de Régimen Especial de Galápagos24/02/165
Interinstitutional CooperationEmpresa Pública Yachay01/02/165
Interinstitutional CooperationInstituto Nacional de Pesca29/01/165
Interinstitutional CooperationInstituto Nacional de Meteorología en Hidrología02/01/168
Interinstitutional CooperationUniversidad de Málaga9/12/155
Cooperation AgreementUniversidad San Francisco de Quito20/11/153
Interinstitutional CooperationUniversidad Central del Ecuador30/09/155
Interinstitutional CooperationInstituto Nacional de Energía Renovable29/09/152
Memorandum of UnderstandingThe Manta Trust07/09/153 (renewable)
Interinstitutional CooperationEscuela Politécnica del Litoral10/12/142
Interinstitutional CooperationUniversidad de Cuenca18/01/142
Cooperation AgreementInstituto Oceanográfico de la Armada01/08/095 (to be renewed)

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