Anderson Herrera

Volunteer and Scholarship Program Manager

In 2023, Sebastian joined the Human Resources team of the Charles Darwin Foundation, establishing his residence in Galapagos despite his origin in Quito. Specializing in administration, economics and projects, he has a degree in public management engineering and advanced studies in Project Management and Control, with an emphasis on international cooperation.

In the private sector, he has provided administrative and financial advice to micro-entrepreneurs and is the founder of HERRMOR, a micro-enterprise dedicated to training and advising entrepreneurs in Galapagos. With plans to pursue doctoral studies in political economy, Sebastian is interested in understanding the interrelationship between economic and political aspects at the community level.

With a penchant for data analysis and project management, he leads F.I.G.A., a social project that uses soccer to address social issues in Galapagos, involving women and men of all ages.

He currently leads the volunteer and intern program of the Charles Darwin Foundation, consolidating his position as a key element in the management and development of social and community initiatives in Galapagos.