Andrea C. Román

Taxonomist-Entomologist at the Terrestrial Invertebrate Collection

Andrea is a biologist born in the coffee-growing region of Colombia. She holds a Master's degree in Science from the National University of Colombia (UNAL) and has experience in Natural History Collections, insect taxonomy, and a special interest in bringing scientific knowledge to educational spaces. Since August 2021 contributes to the FCD as collection assistant at the Invertebrate Collection (ICCDRS), aiming to contribute to and promote the conservation, protection, and study of Galápagos invertebrates through the use of Natural History Collections.

Among her most recent publications are "Scavenging insects found on a carcass of the endangered Galápagos sea lion Zalophus wollebaeki" and "From collection to education: The beetles of my farm (Galápagos Islands, Ecuador)."