Carlos Espinosa

Audiovisual Producer

Carlos Espinosa, currently holding the role of audiovisual producer at CDF since March 2023, started his journey in the audiovisual industry as a cinematographer for films. Throughout his professional trajectory, he has had the opportunity to carry out various documentary projects with environmental and social purposes in Ecuador. His collaborative efforts include partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Conservation International, UNICEF, the European Union, WHO, RV4, and FAO.

Since 2019, he has contributed to international coverage as a video correspondent for Agence France Presse (AFP) in Ecuador. He is also a recipient of the Desenredatos program scholarship for investigative journalism implemented by DW Akademie, as part of the Ecuador SinCero program by GIZ in Berlin 2022.


Carlos's stories

Carlos Espinosa/CDF
Carlos Espinosa/CDF