Fanny Villegas

Fanny Villegas Hernández

Human Resources Director

Fanny Villegas is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years of experience leading Human Resources teams in various organizations across Ecuador, as well as Colombia and Honduras. She joined CDF as its Human Resources Director in 2023. Fanny’s professional experiences include executive-level management, talent acquisition, retention and motivation solutions, strategic program management, training/employee development, resources and budget forecasting, organizational and cultural development, employee relations management, and development of Mental Health and Well-Being Programs. Her philosophy, and work style, are focused on the team's involvement in decision-making, on equity and equal opportunities, and the recognition of the sound performance of each employee. Her goal is to create a robust corporate culture that promotes continuous growth, in order for employees to reach their full potential and bring their best to the job. Fanny holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has extensive experience in occupational and clinical psychology. She is passionate about the neurosciences. She loves to study and share the complex relationship between brain mechanisms and behavior, particularly those processes we take for granted every day, such as memory retention, reading, and attention. She has two fabulous grown-up children who are the main force and motivation in her life.