Fernanda Loayza

Environmental Education and Community Outreach Program Coordinator

Fernanda joined the Charles Darwin Foundation in October 2022 to lead the environmental education and community outreach efforts, after having worked for more than five years at the Galapagos National Park Directorate, leading environmental education activities, projects and campaigns, in close collaboration with several local institutions related to educational, social and conservation issues, including CDF.

Fernanda believes that the privilege of living in Galapagos must be accompanied by a deep commitment and responsibility towards the environment, including the beings that inhabit it, and the elements that make it up. She also believes that each individual is a potential agent of change, not only locally, but also inspiring change globally for the welfare of ecosystems and the communities associated with them.

Fernanda has been living and working with the Galapagos community since 2008, mainly in the artistic, social, educational and conservation fields. As a cultural gestor and environmental educator, she has designed and implemented participatory activities with different groups, and has extensive experience working with children and youth through experiential and place-based learning, also seeking to promote reflection, critical thinking, and a willingness to take action.

Fernanda holds a degree in Social Communication and a Master by Research in Visual Anthropology.