Mujer 2 (fondo mar)

Gabriela Verdesoto

Administrative Assistant

She started working at the Charles Darwin Foundation in 2003 as a Receptionist and has undertaken tasks in various areas such as accounting, purchasing, logistics, among others. Currently, she serves as Administrative Assistant in charge of the Quito branch office.

She has traveled to Galápagos for work and has had the opportunity to visit some places and islands. It has been a privilege to visit them, as it is an environment full of magic due to its animals and spectacular landscapes.

She completed her studies at the Higher Technological Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, where she obtained a degree as a Higher Technician in Environmental Studies and Nature Tourism (Ecotourism). She also achieved proficiency in English through the Fullbright Commission, which has helped her in many aspects within the organization, given the presence of many foreigners. In her role in Purchasing, she interacts with international suppliers.

She worked at International Aviation Services Group for a year as an Assistant Manager and had the opportunity to apply to the Foundation. It has been a dream to work in this institution that has provided her with many opportunities, and she is very grateful for it.