Heinke Jäger

Principal Investigator - Scalesia Forest Restoration, Landscape Ecological Monitoring

Heinke is lead researcher on several projects related to invasive plant and animal species, including blackberry Rubus niveus, guava Psidium guajava and the treefrog Scinax quinquefasciatus. These projects include assessing their distributions, their impacts and the impacts of their control on resident species, soil and microclimate. She is also leading the assessment of the state of endangered Scalesia (giant daisy tree) forests and of the restoration of these forests. Heinke started working at the Charles Darwin Foundation in 1998, first on the introduced quinine tree Cinchona pubescens and then on the conservation of rare and endangered plant species. She worked eight years in agricultural research at the University of Kiel, Germany, holds a MSc from the University of Oldenburg, Germany, a PhD from Technical University Berlin, Germany, and carried out her post-doctoral research at Brown University, USA.

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